Popular Trips in New Orleans

Visiting New Orleans with a group can be a great time. Though, some serial planners might worry about how to keep the whole group together as everyone gallivants around the Big Easy. We totally understand travel planning stress—which is why we offer the best group trip solution: New Orleans charter bus rentals.

New Orleans Charter Bus is the premier charter bus rental company in the area because of our extensive network of beautiful buses and reliable drivers. With available charter buses ranging in size to fit your group, the options we offer will make your New Orleans trip a lot less stressful. Renting a charter bus for your group is like carpooling, but it’s a lot more fun and lot more comfortable. Just ask about the comfort and entertainment amenities you can add to your bus to make your New Orleans trip one-of-a-kind.

Renting a motorcoach for your group is also a savvy way to cut costs. Ridesharing apps and public transportation costs can add up. Instead of letting your travel expenses climb, pay a one-time fee to rent a bus to take your group around New Orleans—this way, you have more cash to spend on souvenirs, entertainment, and incredible Cajun meals.

To help you estimate costs, below are some of the charter bus prices for popular trips in New Orleans.

Vehicle Type Per Hour Per Day
56-Passenger Charter Bus $124 – $170 $1,252 – $1,589
25-Passenger Minibus $119 – $153 $1,229 – $1,473
20-Passenger Minibus $116 – $145 $1,160 – $1,357
18-Passenger Minibus $113 – $140 $1,136 – $1,264

Keep in mind that these prices will vary depending on a few trip factors. Below are some factors that can cause your charter bus price to be different from the above table.

  • Group size
  • Seasonal availability
  • Local events
  • Length and distance of your trip
  • Bus model and amenities

If you have any questions about charter bus prices for your group, feel free to call us today. Our team is available 24/7 to answer questions and help you book a bus efficiently.

A charter bus or minibus rental in New Orleans can make your visit to the city even more enjoyable. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the ease that a private vehicle lends to trip planning. With transportation taken care of, all you have to do is focus on having fun!

Attending the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

To celebrate their anniversary, John and Tatiana wanted to do something a little off-kilter. Instead of an intimate date night, they wanted to plan a trip with their best couple friends to none other than the legendary New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Happening in late April and early May, this annual event is a huge draw for music and culture enthusiasts, so it was right up John and Tati’s alley. Since they were bringing their close friends and knew they’d be celebrating at the concerts with champagne and other alcoholic indulgences, the last thing they wanted to worry about was finding a designated driver last-minute.

Enter New Orleans Charter Bus. Our attentive reservation team helped the couple find the perfect 18-passenger shuttle bus equipped with trip-enhancing upgrades such as onboard WiFi and a high-quality stereo system. The result? The group got to dance, sing, and celebrate to their heart’s content without a worry. With a rental through New Orleans Charter Bus, the ride to the event is half the fun!

The group of 16 rented the bus for a total of two days, so they were charged daily rates. Additionally, charter bus prices were a little higher because of the event. Here’s the cost breakdown of their 6-hour rental, including those extra amenities that were added onto the bus.

Total: $680

Cost per person: $42.50

The Bachelorette Party

Of course Jessica was excited to get married--but her bridesmaids knew she was just as excited to get away from Texas and explore the world-famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Who could blame her? So, maid-of-honor Priya took bachelorette party planning into her own hands and curated an incredible trip full of sightseeing, bar-hopping, and culture seeking.

To get the group of girls around town safely and efficiently, Priya decided to book a spacious 25-passenger charter bus, complete with a trusty chauffeur. Because there were a lot of places the girls wanted to see, their New Orleans Charter Bus booking agent helped iron out trip details to ensure Jessica’s bachelorette party would go off without a hitch.

Not only were the girls able to cheers with confidence knowing they had a safe ride back to the hotel, but they were also able to enjoy a one-of-a-kind trip with the convenience of a private driver. The girls did it all—Bourbon Street, museums, beignets at Cafe Du Monde, and, of course, singing along to the dueling pianos at Pat O’Briens. With their roomy shuttle bus, the ladies could recline in their seats after a long day of exploring, and the handy storage options ensured no one lost their belongings or souvenirs while out on the town.

With 20 girls along for the ride, they received the following pricing for their three-day minibus rental:

Total: $3,525

Cost per person: $176.25

Let’s Plan Your Trip to New Orleans!

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