How to Calculate the Price of your New Orleans Charter Bus Rental

Dreaming of good times in the Big Easy? You’ve got your itinerary ready, your bags packed, and your traveling buddies onboard. All that’s left to do before you start packing is balancing your budget!

While determining how much your New Orleans bus rental will cost can be complicated—no two group trips are the same, so neither are the bus rental quotes we offer!—this guide will hopefully give you an idea of what to expect to pay for your charter bus or minibus.

a view of the New Orleans skyline at sunset

Below are some factors that play into the final price of your bus rental quote in New Orleans. For the most accurate estimate, however, we recommend calling 504-315-2090 to receive a free, no-obligation quote tailored to your New Orleans group trip details.

Type of Bus Per Hour Per Day Per Mile
Charter Bus $127 – $145 $1,000 –$1,120 $3.36 – $3.84
Minibus $115 – $130 $900 – $1,010 $3.02 – $3.46

* The above prices are simply estimates, and your actual bus rental pricing will differ depending on a variety of factors (listed below). 
** We ask that all bus rentals last a minimum of 5 hours. You may incur an additional fee in the case of mile overages. 

How We Calculate Your Charter Bus Quote

As you can see, the price of your rental can vary. So how do you know what to expect when it comes to pricing? Here are just a few of the contributing factors we take into account for your bus rental’s final cost:

  • Distance and time traveled: The price of your rental is calculated by how long your trip is planned to last—with longer trips typically costing more than shorter trips. Shorter, day trips will likely be charged per hour, while multi-day trips will either be priced per day or mile. A shuttle locally will usually cost less than a charter bus rental to Mobile or elsewhere out of state. 
  • Time of year: Like most of the travel industry, charter bus reservations have a “busy season,” usually in April, May, and June. This is due to summer family trips, graduations, proms, and other big events—so you can expect to see a higher price for bus rentals during the summer to accommodate the demand. For New Orleans in particular, you can also expect a spike in pricing around Mardi Gras—so plan accordingly!
  • Type and number of buses: As you might expect, larger motorcoaches like full-size charter buses cost more to rent than smaller vehicles like minibuses. This is why we recommend locking in your passenger headcount ASAP—so you don’t end up with a larger bus than you need and paying for the extra space. On the bright side, splitting the cost of a full-size coach rental amongst more passengers can make the per-person cost more manageable.
  • Requested amenities: Some features come standard on most charter buses and minibuses, like ADA compliance and/or WiFi, plush seating, and in-cabin storage racks. That being said, other amenities like onboard restrooms, outlets, and a DVD player with TVs may come at an additional charge. Just let your reservation rep know what onboard perks you want aboard your motorcoach, so they know to factor those amenities into your bus rental quote.

Beyond what’s included in your personalized quote, there are a few transportation expenses you’ll need to cover outside of your rental plan. These expenses can include tolls, parking

fees, a hotel room for your bus driver if your trip spans multiple days, and a ~10% tip for your driver at the end of your trip. We at New Orleans Charter Bus Company will never surprise you with hidden fees, and when you call to book your charter bus, we can help you determine what miscellaneous costs may arise during your trip.

Pricing Examples

Need some examples before renting your bus? Here are a few of the common trips we can service and a hypothetical pricing breakdown for each:

An alumni group tailgates before a football game

The Alumni Tailgate

An LSU alumni group is gearing up for a game day in Baton Rouge, and the event coordinator wants to ensure every fan has a comfortable ride to the stadium and a home base for their tailgate before the game. Since there are 50 spectators expected to go and they need lots of storage space for tents and coolers, the group opts for a 56-passenger charter bus with a luggage bay and a private, onboard restroom. The group plans to meet up in Downtown NOLA, ride the 80 miles to the LSU campus, tailgate before the game, and head back home afterwards—which will take about 6 hours altogether.

Hourly rate for a charter bus: $130

x 6 hours to and from Baton Rouge: $780
10% driver tip: $78

Oversized vehicle parking fee: $100

Total bus rental cost for the tailgate: $958


The Big Conference

A corporate event planner is smoothing out the details for an upcoming conference at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. The 3-day conference talks and workshops will take place inside the center, but the planner would like to provide an ongoing shuttle service between the partnering hotels and planned networking events at restaurants throughout New Orleans. And to make running the shuttle circuit easier for the driver, the planner will provide lodging for them at a hotel that offers free motorcoach parking.

Daily rate for a minibus: $900

x 3 days: $2,700

10% driver tip: $270

Lodging for the driver for 2 nights: $250

Total transportation cost for the conference: $3,220

A bride and groom kiss in front of their guests at a wedding reception

The Dream Wedding

A wedding planner would like to rent a shuttle service for a happy couple and their 40 guests. The gorgeous ceremony and reception will take place at the Benachi House and Gardens, but most guests are planning to stay in a hotel just outside the city limits. That means the planner needs two 20-passenger minibuses to move guests between their lodgings and the venue—and let’s say the celebration will last 6 hours total.

Hourly rate for 2 minibuses: $230

x 6 for a 6-hour event: $1,380

12% driver tip: $165

Total shuttle cost for the wedding:  $1,545


Get a Quote for your New Orleans Charter Bus

While we hope this pricing guide has helped you get a feel for how much it costs to rent a bus in New Orleans, the best way to know how much your group trip will cost is to call 504-315-2090. Our reservation team is available 24/7 to take your call and answer any transportation questions you might have, and we can offer you a free, no-hassle quote that’s personalized to your trip’s details within minutes!