Frequently Asked Questions About New Orleans Bus Rentals

Even though we aim to make renting a charter bus as easy as possible, we understand that you may have some questions about the rental process. Keep on reading to get answers to our most asked rental inquiries.

How much does a bus rental in New Orleans cost?

Short answer: it depends. New Orleans Charter Bus Company works with local charter bus providers to offer personalized rentals for every type of group. This means that the price of your bus rental will be based on factors like how long you’re traveling, when you’re traveling, the type of vehicle you rent, and how large your group may be.

What’s included in my bus rental cost?

When you build your rental quote, the cost will include the daily or hourly use of your vehicle, pay for your driver, mileage, fuel, and full coverage insurance. 5-hour rental minimums apply for each trip. Your rental quote will not include parking fees, tolls, or accommodations for your driver.

How do I book my charter bus?

Reserving your bus can be done by calling the New Orleans Charter Bus Company team at 504-315-2090. We’ll just need your trip details to generate a customized quote.

Do I need to provide a deposit?

Yes, you’ll need to provide a 10-30% deposit to reserve your bus. The full balance of your trip is due 14 days prior to the start of your trip.

When should I reserve my charter bus rental?

If you’re traveling during the peak season like summer, spring, or holidays like Mardi Gras, you’ll want to reserve your bus at least 6 months in advance. If possible, booking your bus 9 months in advance is ideal for busy seasons. Outside of busy travel seasons, we recommend you secure your bus rental at least 3 months in advance.

What types of buses can I rent in New Orleans?

The New Orleans Charter Bus Company network is made up of providers with a large fleet of vehicles. Minibuses are often booked for events like corporate outings and private tours. These buses are suited for 18 to 25 passengers. Full-size charter buses are available for groups of up to 56 passengers. A full-size charter bus is usually recommended for events like school field trips or a big wedding.

Can I rent an ADA-accessible charter bus?

We can provide ADA-accessible vehicles with advance notice. Let your rental experts know what features are needed on your bus to keep all passengers comfortable. Accessible features may include but are not limited to additional handrailing, widened aisles, and wheelchair lifts.

Do you offer limo or van rentals?

At this time, we do not offer limousine rentals. Sprinter van rentals may be available for small groups; just ask your rental expert. 

Can I bring food and drinks on my charter bus?

Yes, you are allowed to bring snacks and refreshments onboard. We just ask that you please refrain from bringing messy foods or leaving trash on the bus. If any trash or a mess is left onboard, you may be charged up to $250 in cleaning fees.

Can I drink alcohol on my charter bus?

Drinking alcohol is allowed onboard your bus with prior notice. Let your rental representative know that you plan to drink on board and they’ll make sure you’re matched with a transportation provider for the occasion.

What amenities are available onboard my bus?

You can request a bus with a selection of amenities like WiFi, TVs with DVD players, leather reclining seats, a PA system, personal USB and electric ports, and tray tables. Every full-size charter bus rental will also have an onboard restroom for your convenience. We cannot 100% guarantee that every amenity will be available on your bus at the time of booking, but we’ll do our best to secure the vehicle you need.

How do I cancel or make changes to my trip?

You can make changes or cancel your trip by calling 504-315-2090. Keep in mind that making changes like vehicle type or trip duration may come with additional charges. Canceling your trip may also result in the loss of your deposit or the full balance of your trip in the case of short-notice cancelations.

Can I drive the charter bus?

No, only your professional charter bus driver is allowed behind the wheel.

Do I need to pay for my driver’s food or lodging?

You are responsible for providing your charter bus driver with lodging if your trip is more than one day. All bus drivers are required to rest for at least 8 hours for every 10 hours of driving. You’ll want your driver to be well-rested, so they can continue operating your bus safely all tripling. You are not required to pay for your driver’s food and drinks but they would surely appreciate snacks and refreshments.

How much should I tip my charter bus driver?

Tipping your driver is always a wonderful way to show your appreciation for their work. Tipping is not required but is highly recommended. Consider tipping 5-10% of the total cost of your trip.

Have Another Question?

If you don’t see your question here, the New Orleans Charter Bus Company team is available 24/7 to answer it! Call 504-315-2090 to talk with one of our team members about your group transportation needs in New Orleans.