School Field Trip Bus Rentals in New Orleans

The #1 Choice for School Field Trip Charter Buses

Educating today’s youth (and tomorrow’s future) is not an easy job. Effectively molding the minds of children in a way that will set them up for success later in life is a tough burden to carry—especially when a lot of life learning happens outside of the classroom.

Sometimes, budgets make field trips difficult to plan, but when you do get the  greenlight  on an educational outing somewhere such as French Quartour Kids or the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park, we are ready to help the teachers, chaperones, and the students arrive at their destination safely. If we can sprinkle in some fun, well, that’s just a bonus.

Planning the Perfect Field Trip Transportation

We pride ourselves on the safety, efficiency, and comfort we offer to our customers—zero road accidents and lots of upgradable features make our services a stellar choice. So, while your students are getting a reliable ride to and from their field trip, they are also enjoying the view. You can customize your field trip charter bus with TV monitors, WiFi, and other fun features to help the time pass. Surely, you know some students addicted to their smartphone games? Keep kids entertained while shuttling in a charter bus rental from Metairie into the heart of New Orleans for a field trip! 

No Destination is Too Far (or Close)

Let us help you plan the best field trip or educational adventure of the year—no distance is too near or too far. For longer field trips, such as overnight trips to places like Washington D.C., we recommend the full-sized charter bus, which accommodates up to 56 passengers. You can always make the ride even roomier with added legroom and reclining seats, but the standard 56-passenger charter bus is still large enough to comfortably fit all the passengers plus cargo.

Of course, if you’re keeping the trip pretty local, that’s great too! We don’t mind driving you short distances around town—our mission is to simply make your life easier. Call us today at 504-315-2090 to get a quick quote on your field trip minibus or charter bus, then book at your own leisure.

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