Sports Team Bus Rentals in New Orleans

First Impressions are Everything

When you roll up to the biggest game of the season, the championship match, are you going to meet your competitors with your head held high or sulking to the ground? We’d hope the former. The gameday confidence your team needs all lies in those moments before the game. And when that game is as far away as Lafayette or NRG Park in Houston, the ride there is paramount.

A Winning Transportation Strategy

Set your athletes up for success with a comfortable, roomy 56-passenger charter bus that easily stores game gear and luggage, plus the entire team and support staff. These buses are large-and-in-charge, meaning your team will feel extra confident pulling up to the game. The options for reclining seats, DVD players, and personal power outlets also help players rest up effectively before they play their hearts out.

Be the Ultimate Fan

Renting a charter bus for team travel isn’t the only way we get involved with sporting events. It is not uncommon for customers to rent out a minibus for all their closest friends and take a fun ride to their favorite team’s game together.

A popular way to celebrate milestone birthdays, minibus rentals to the New Orleans Saints games make the outing even more fun when everyone can tailgate and ride together. Plus, no one has to worry about drinking and driving! It’s the perfect solution that gets even better when you take advantage of a few add-on amenities. Imagine all the fun videos you can upload to social media with free WiFi on the bus—the possibilities for a good time are endless with New Orleans Charter Bus!

Book Your Bus Today—It Takes Minutes!

Booking is the easy part—whether it's a local match or a sporting event bus rental in Shreveport. Just call us at 504-315-2090 when you’re ready (we’re here 24/7), and give us the rundown on what you need transportation-wise. From there, we’ll give you a quote in minutes, and you can book at any time! It really is that simple. Don’t you wish winning streaks were this easy?

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